MTA Inc. provides support for customers from Europe, the Americas and ASEAN countries interested in capturing new Japanese sales channels or growing existing ones.

Communication Support With Japanese Companies


This service is for companies that are already in contact with Japanese companies but suffer from a lack of communication or mutual understanding.

As your Japan sales agent, we will contact your target companies by email, phone or direct visit in order to introduce your products and services.

We can also hold meetings concerning current challenges you are facing. In some cases, our firm can visit your target Japanese companies and use a service like Skype to hold a three way meeting. We can also provide interpreting support and other services for your direct visits to Japanese companies.

Construction and Management of Japanese Websites


This service is for those interested in acquiring Japanese customers at a low cost.

MTA Co., Ltd. will construct and manage a Japanese web page for your company to be listed on our own site. When inquiries arrive from Japanese companies, we contact them as your sales agent and, as needed, organize visits or meetings.

Japanese Domestic Trade Fair


MTA Inc. will select the optimal exhibitions / trade fairs based on your product, service and budget before then making preparations and crafting the exhibit for you. For any leads with interested Japanese companies during the exhibit, we guarantee reliable followup via phone, email or direct visit.


Business Matchmaking Event between ASEAN CEO and Japanese Small & Medium Companies

Top executives of about 50 ASEAN companies that seek business collaboration, application of technologies and /or handling of products of Japanese small and medium enterprises were invited to ASEAN CEO Network Event, which consists business matchmaking event, Japanese company visiting tour and training session in March 2014 sponsored by The Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, JAPAN (SME Support, JAPAN) In the business matchmaking event held in Tokyo and Osaka, each ASEAN company met and had discussion with about 5 or 6 Japanese companies each location. MTA Inc. participated in the event as representative of one of Malaysian companies that we support with CEO at the company. …